Windshell Sales Studio

Type: Sales Office Interiors/Installation
Service: Design and Production Consultant/Contractor/Fabricator
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 115 sqm
Year: 2017

Windshell Narathiwat presents a shift in the typical condominium sales approach, therefore their sales office needed an uncommon approach as well. Studiomake collaborated to conceptualize and construct a “studio” where a sales team of trained designers could bring clients into an active process for an experience that would inspire and engage, not simply prescribe.

A range of interior designers contributed diverse interior concepts for the bare-shell units, we extracted “pallets” from each which shows full scale mock-ups and actual materials assemblies as a point of entry more tangible and rewarding than typical glossy renderings. Large scale models were presented with rotational and height changing functions. The edge grain floor plywood floor sweeps up the wall and ceiling with incrementally increasing gaps lending functionality with custom hardware for easy adjustment and arrangement. We sought to create an environment where clients can contemplate open possibilities, deeply consider their needs and desires, and engage in a process that helps them craft a home parallel to the process of buying space.


Completed in collaboration with Kevin Low, Small Projects. Architectural models by others. Photography: SpaceShift Studio