We engage the design and making process through an evolving range of methodologies:

  • Architecture We’re architects at our core and are always ready to engage in conceptualizing, detailing, and documenting building projects both large and small. We offer feasibility studies and pre-design services.
  • Interiors/Installations We design from a component based perspective and have a diverse set of experiences, from bars and restaurants, to offices and retail, as well as residential and kid-focused spaces and installations.
  • Furniture/Products We design for private and commercial clients with an eye towards craft, utilizing diverse materials ranging from solid woods, specialized metals, and ceramics to found objects and industrial relics.
  • Construction For select projects we can take the entire process from conception to completion with a design/build (turn-key) approach that allows a tight integration of design, budget, and quality.
  • Fabrication With our full time crew of craftsmen and extensive tooling we make nice things for ourselves and our clients, as well as other designers looking to have their atypical ideas actualized.


  • Workshops/Research Utilizing our studio and workshops spaces as well as the greater ‘laboratory’ of urban Bangkok we frequently conduct both  intensive workshops with local and international universities. As an extension of our academic and professional practice we often deep dive into both funded and independent research projects.
  • Design Consulting We make our expertise available for design and construction collaborations with local or foreign designers and clients looking to start their projects with a focus on detail and material.
  • Production Consulting We make our expertise available for manufacturing and production collaborations with foreign or local designers and clients looking to access industrial processes for a successful completion.
  • Prefabricated Architecture We have several ongoing projects exploring the potential of design-centric prefabricated modular architecture and interior components for both commercial and domestic applications, for both domestic and international markets.