Student Council

Type: Prefabricated Architecture
Service: Architect
Location: Rangsit University, Patumthani, Thailand
Area: 500 sqm
Year: 2012

Rangsit University sought to make a place on campus that could allow various student organizations to converge together into a cohesive community. They needed offices and a meeting room as well as space to plan and construct for a wild variety of events and exhibitions. Studiomake designed a small cluster of spaces arranged along an elevated deck with a butterfly roof which turns rainy days into a celebrated event by channeling the water into an adjacent canal. In order to maximize the modest budget shipping containers were built-out offsite and craned into place. Foundations and utilities were pre-installed to ease future expansion with space along the shifting roof line and deck for more containers to plug in. A tower, marked by a 40-foot container placed on end houses a stair to the roof deck on the double-wide meeting room and provides a monument for signage. The courtyard deck and workyard walls are made from stacked and aligned precast concrete piles, over-built and bullet-proof, able to accommodate the energetic agenda of enthusiastic undergrads.