Lighthouse Asia Limited

Type: Office Interiors/Furniture
Service: Architect/Contractor/Fabricator
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 199 sqm
Year: 2018

Two old friends, one a banker, the other a lawyer, came together recently to form a new consultancy which would leverage their varied expertise to the advantage of their clients, helping governments and multinational corporations navigate the complexities of capital markets and financial instruments. For their new office Studiomake sought to balance the typical start-up type requirements with the need to have a refined and sophisticated environment.

In acting as architect, contractor and fabricator we kept considerable control over all elements and were able to deliver a bespoke project within reasonable budget. We could be much more strategic about how to spend the client’s money; we can choose to deep dive into certain details, be lavish with the materials and methods and then trim back and be more responsible with other less significant elements. There isn’t an overly complex layout or profound material palette but perhaps like a bespoke suit the fit and finish is crisp. The refinement is best experienced in the space, whether it’s the precise camouflaging of the nail hole putty or the welded and matched inner radius of the stainless steel protective edges the most intense details and efforts are mainly hidden and the result is simply a comfortable, well made space.


Photography: SpaceShift Studio