Le Cabinet de Curiosités

Type: Event Installation
Service: Design Consultant/Production Consultant/Fabricator
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 160 sqm (19 m elevation)
Year: 2014

Le Cabinet de Curiosités de Thomas Erber is a highly curated exhibition which seeks to showcase a selection of local and international artists and designers who work in the realms of fashion, furniture, photography, jewelry, and lifestyle accessories. In 2014 the event came to Bangkok and was hosted by the Siwilai Concept Store at Central Embassy. Studiomake worked as the production designers and design consultants with Diplomates, a team of French visual artists. We provided studio space and early prototyping assistance, as the design solidified we provided engineering and technical expertise for the installation and production, eventually fabricating and supplying select components for the final installation.


Photography: Laurent Segretier