Five Easy Pieces in White

Type: Conceptual Objects
Service: Designer/Fabricator
Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan USA
Year: 2008

Five vacant pocket-watch cases became venues for a collaboration of slippery concepts, the semantics of ‘white’ and the pragmatics of time.

White Flag: Doves triumphantly tangle themselves in geometric exultation of the tiny and the precious. The ‘diamond’ rotates at 6 degrees a second in an effort to further sparkle your eye.

White Lie: A seeming innocent action solidifies and traps the movement; the plaster drys and the moment is recorded. It is a traceable regret which continues to erode, now the authenticity of everything is questioned.

White Wash: The surface is censored. A layer of white begins to obscure the truth underneath: overspray on a wood bench, efflorescence on masonry, ice on a small branch. Time allows exposure, and exposure steals the details.

White Noise: The corporeal time is obscured by the sandblasted surface. Only the application of a wetting agent to the crystal will help you separate the signal from the noise.

White Hot: Seconds shout at you in both analog and digital dialects, just to make sure you are aware that time is far from patient. It doesn’t matter what hour it is, it matters only that time has been lost. Do something – not nothing – and do it right now.