ASA Table

Type: Exhibition
Service: Curator/Fabricator
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 2.8sqm
Year: 2015

For our entry in the Association of Siamese Architect’s “NEXT” exhibition at the Architect Expo 2015 we thought that perhaps instead of showing our work,  it would be more revealing to show how we work, in this case, through revealing certain objects and relationships that inspire us. These are the sources from which we draw meaning and understanding of the built environment.

We like to draw relationships between things. We like relationships that are a bit complex and perhaps evocative; between any two objects is a conversation. These are the things we talk about in the studio.


Arranged on our welding table:

Branch of a Teak Tree / Segmented Toothpicks

Goose Skull / Tooth from Backhoe Bucket

Sleeve Bearing / 1mm Loose Ball Bearings

Custom Stainless Steel Bracket / Aluminum Foam

Screen Printing Frame / Lid from Japanese Cedar Box

Splash-Cast Pewter Bowl / Residue from Injection Molding Machine

Copper Plate from India / Powder-Coated Schedule 80 Butt-Weld Tee


Photography: Sarawut Rujirawat