Sumi Sea

Type: Restaurant Interior
Service: Architect
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Area: 67 sqm
Year: 2012

Rope was the first material that came to mind when designing this tiny seafood restaurant. It relates, of course, to our visual imagery of docks and weathered fishing vessels. The rawness of it brings a texture that contrasts with the refined surface of the restaurant’s central elliptical terrazzo bar. 18 diners share a total of 9 charcoal cook tops arranged around an open seafood kitchen. The preparation of the fish is out on display and a theatrical part of the communal dining experience. Lighting is provided from above by an large elliptical chandelier which sits in a transverse position to the bar and acts as a counterweight to keep the rope taught. Connected at the floor with stainless steel hooks and clamps, the rope threads up to the dark ceiling and plunges back down, converging at the chandelier. The strands are spaced tightly but part open at the main entrance and service exit. Stainless steel cleats replace regular door and cabinetry handles, and the raised wooden deck creaks and flexes underfoot, the entire experience feeling boat-like in its details.


Photography: Nantiya Bussabong