Studiomake Co Ltd
44/4 Soi Baan Sai Ma
Rattanathibet Road,
Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand

+66 (0)2 528 6212


Studiomake is at
13°51’45.71″, 100°28’27.20″
Map is available for download here

  • Sai Ma, Nonthaburi Thailand
  • Nov 20, 2019
  • 06:08 AM

Studiomake is an office and workshop based outside of Bangkok Thailand.  We engage the design and making spectrum through a evolving range of methodologies:

  • Architecture (We’re architects at our core and are always ready to engage in conceptualizing, detailing, and documenting building projects both large and small. We offer feasibility studies and pre-design services as well)
  • Construction (For select projects we can take the process from conception to completion with a design/build (turn-key) process)
  • Fabrication (Utilizing our shop facilities and extensive tooling we make nice things for ourselves and our clients as well as other designers and architects)
  • Design Consulting (We make our expertise available for design and construction collaborations with foreign architects or clients who have projects in Thailand)
  • Production Consulting (We make our expertise available for manufacturing and production collaborations with foreign and local designers looking to access industrial processes in Thailand)
  • Prefabricated Architecture (We’ve been developing a joint venture of mass-customized modular architecture for both domestic and international markets)

Studiomake is a team of dedicated individuals. We like to make nice things:

  • David Schafer (Founding Partner)
  • Im Sarasalin Schafer (Founding Partner, in memorium)
  • Sirima Pliencharoen (Associate)
  • Panumas Dulayasit
  • Kan Ekpruksaamphai
  • Nirandorn Meemaeo (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Khambai Chantra (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Thongsai Chantra (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Interns:
    Yee Mae Yuen (Taylors University,  Malaysia)

Former Employees

  • Napat Tengtrirat
  • Dolathep Chetty
  • Supasit Muangsirikul
  • Phangphan Waongkhanjan (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Sarawut Ritjaroon (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Cittipong Boonpa (ช่าง/ Fabricator)
  • Krit Chatikavanij
  • Punika Chaiyawat
  • Panathapon Pujaka
  • Thiti Kunajitpimol
  • Jitivi Banthaisong
  • Patcharada Inplang
  • Thanakrit Ruengsee
  • Chakkrit Sethasastrakorn
  • Nattapong Jongsomjitt

Former Interns

  • Nicole NG (AA, London)
  • Viktor Zeidler Lim (Taylors University,  Malaysia)
  • Ataya Pompaksa (KMITL, Thailand)
  • Pongsit Rueangsawat (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Syazwan Hani (Bartlett, London)
  • Urasaya Katianurak (Kasetsart, Thailand)
  • Piyanut Kaseewong (KMUTNB, Thailand) 
  • Niko Leung * (Hong Kong)
  • Natnaree Verakul (KMUTT, Thailand)
  • Sitavee Borwonijatuwich (Kasetsart, Thailand)
  • Pip Pender (Minerva Academie, Netherlands)
  • Suradet Nutham (Rajamangala, Thailand)
  • Jessica Elena Gardner * (Woodbury, USA)
  • Anisha Jayanth Murali * (Aarhus, Denmark)
  • Ezgi Terzioğlu (Architecture Association, UK)
  • Jean-Baptiste Lacave (Ecole Bleue, France)
  • Jenny Hsiao (Cooper Union, USA)
  • Panisa Jermhansa (Chulalongkorn, Thailand)
  • Linnea Cook (University of Michigan, USA)*
  • Eric Harman (University of Michigan)
  • Chompoonut Kaewtang (Silpakorn, Thailand)
  • Apichaya Pitakmongkol (Kasetsart, Thailand)
  • Eakapob Huangthanapan (Chulalongkorn, Thailand)
  • Naramon Urailertprasert (Silpakorn, Thailand)
  • Dorothy Chou (Cranbrook Academy of Art, USA)
  • Janita Siriseth (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • Paphop Kerdsup (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)
  • Poap Panusittikorn (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, USA)
  • Rachita Klinmalee (Thammasat, Thailand)
  • Sittipat Rongronglarp (KMUTT, Thailand)
  • Bordhinpat Arpornsuitthunun (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Sira Ungkasrithongkul (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Jassada Kuapichart (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Waiyawoot Nirasphai (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Pichet Thuengnark (Rangsit, Thailand)
  • Super Extra Special Long Term