Type: Interior/Furniture
Service: Designer/Fabricator
Location: San Diego, California
Area: 47sqm
Year: 2006

We wanted our walls to display the artifacts of our lives, from architecture school models and precious chairs to tools and books. We believe in the intrinsic beauty of objects and a graceful marriage of materials and rely on these two ideals to sculpt our dwelling space. We appreciate the empirical process– because of this, our home can be ever-changing. We use our home as a laboratory to understand the rituals of living, to test the boundaries between intimacy and privacy, and to discover new ways of combining material and space.

Since our space is rented, our improvements had to be dismountable and our materials had to be reusable. Since our presence here is temporary, and the needs and desires of the next tenant are unknown, all components were designed with a terminal condition in mind. We took into consideration the future use and reconfiguration of each element. We chose to economize (save money) on components that were specific to the place (and therefore had a determinate life span), and invested a bit more in parts that could be reusable in our future home(s). The reusable parts were treated differently– we took into consideration dimensions and connections, making sure these pieces would remain large, clean, and reusable in another context. By using this simple equation, we were able to quickly choose materials and methods of construction.


Photography: Brighton Knowing